Macciò RS

Being licensed does not mean driving in the right way!

This is why, more than 10 years ago, Autoscuola Macciò decided to update the way of teaching, enhancing it according to modern needs.

Each year in Italy there is an unstoppable and continuous carnage: in 2017, more than 1600 people died in car accidents! So many are the deaths on Italian roads!

It is the moment to stop this!

Thus in 2018 we launched Macciò RS, a brand of Autoscuola Macciò that manages everything concerning the Safety on the Roads, and not only.

Our mission is “Race and Safe driving school” / Competitions and Road Safety, which is teaching to understand the road safety, both in a normal life and in a competition point of view.

There are so many driving schools in Genoa, but just one has understood how to work in the field of road safety, due to its long-standing experience.

Macciò RS deals with:

  • Teaching the road culture in all school levels.
  • Organize safe driving courses on the roads and in car or motorbike racetrack.
  • It owns the Baby Motorschool Macciò, an under 14 travelling driving school.
  • Manages the shows “Impara a guidare a…” (“Learn how to drive at…”) and “Voltri Motorshow”.
  • Service driving licence courses.
  • Eco-driving licence courses.
  • Business courses.
  • Safe driving instructor courses.

… And many more activities related to road safety.


Safe Driving Course – Genoa Local Police – 13/05/2024