About us

Luigi Macciò established his first company at the end of the 40’s, as a car spare parts shop and Driving School in the former office of Via Merano in Sestri Ponente (Genoa).

In the 50’s, the family grew up and became Fiat car dealer in Genoa and province, and the Driving School grew up too. “O scignôro” (Sir) Luigi (so he was named by Sestri people) hired his son Mauro, as car dealership manager, and his daughter Albina, as Driving School manager.

In the 60’s, with the boom of car circulation, the driving school had an exponential growth, reaching up more than 1000 new licensed people per year!

In the end of the 70’s, Albina started a new office of the driving school in Voltri and at the end of 80’s her son Carlo Molinari became manager of Driving School and Car Procedure Agency “Macciò Sestri Srl”, in the two offices of Sestri Ponente and Voltri.

In 1998, Carlo launched a new driving school named “Europa” in Via Biancheri in Sestri Ponente, and then in 2006 he sold it to the current owner.

In 2005, Carlo started the new office of Pegli, keeping its ownership until December 31, 2017.

At the moment, Carlo and his siblings Andrea and Piera work in Macciò Sestri, together with other valuable people, working as secretaries, instructors and teachers. Now our offices are located in Sestri Via Catalani 26 and Voltri Via XXmiglia 137.

This is Macciò, since 1938!

How we were:

How we are today: