We make the difference

We make the difference!

Since 2020 we have created a team for “amateur racing” of cars, both on and off-road, with excellent results but above all with the knowledge that we can improve the driving style of our Instructor Personnel, and always look for new talent in the future to take them on as Operating Personnel.

We have done trophies from Fox Running and Rally of Heroes to Crazy Drivers where we have always performed very well with many cars.

Today, the team is run by a Team Manager and two partners/drivers as well as four other elements.

We make the difference!

Our Voltri office manages a square without car traffic, where you will perform the driving licence exam very easily, with no fear, and in a comfortable location for your private driving exercises too.

Video on the right shows stages 1 and 2 of the driving licence exam:

  1. Introduction of the candidate and questions.
  2. Manoeuvres in the square.

Coming soon… video with stages 3 and 4 (city and highway driving).

We make the difference!

Being licensed does not mean driving in the right way. Each year in Italy there is an unstoppable and continuous carnage: in 2016 more than 2000 people died in car accidents!

Autoscuola Macciò wishes to stop this carnage, and so holds safe driving courses, for people of all ages, from 4 … to 99!

This course teaches the base techniques for safe driving, and aims to reproduce the main danger circumstances.

But there’s more!

We organize events addressed to little children as Voltri Motorshow”, since 2018!

We make the difference!

According to recent statistics, within the next 10 years, about a half of the car fleet in circulation will have with Automatic Transmission.

Thus, since 2017, we can make you license in easy way… driving a new Toyota Aygo provided with double pedals and Automatic Transmission.

We make the difference!

Since January 2013, if you want to tow a trailer with a mass over 3500 kg, it’s not enough licence B, but you will need licence B96.

We can help you: we own the tractor and the trailer to make you pass this exam too!

We make the difference!

October 15, 2015… since this date there is not anymore the Certificate of Ownership, needed to perform a change of ownership for all registered vehicles.

Our Agency is an accredited Sportello Telematico (telematics desk), so it can perform the Contract of Sale transcript in real-time, without waits and useless time loss.

We make the difference!

In 2020, we bought a Microcar for driving licence AM: we are the only one in Genoa to own one!

“Easy” driving exam in a private square… Macciò will handle it!